Comparing Beowulf 'And' The Wife's Lamend

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Both Unferth from Beowulf and the poem “ The Wife’s Lamend” have themes of both betrayal and anger. Unferth feels anger and betrayal because his brothers has had relationship with their mother. He felt anger that his brothers had relationship with their own mother. He felt betrayed because it was his two own brothers that were having relationships with their mother. He was mad at them so much that he had killed them from what they had done. Beowulf was mad, but disappointed that Unferth had picked at his life. When Unferth finishes picking at his life, Beowulf gave him a taste of his own medicine by saying “ Aren’t you the man that killed your own brothers because they were bonding with their mother.” Beowulf had made Unferth upset for remembering

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