Laertes Characters

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If Laertes were to be described in three words, they would be intimidating, hot-tempered, and tragic. However, we don’t get to see much of this side of Laertes until later on in the play. The only thing we really can assess from his introduction is that he is fairly well mannered and cares very deeply about his family. He sets off to France and for the longest time we don’t hear anything about him, that is, until the death of his father. But before I get too far ahead, it is important to note that Laertes is in fact not a son in this version of the play, but rather a daughter. Kind of an interesting twist in a play where the women are typically either let “loose” upon other men or married to their brother- in-laws. Jessica Perry, who plays Laertes exclaims that “It’s really exciting to play as Laertes because they are such a strong character…to be able to play the role as a powerful woman is something I can’t wait to do”.…show more content…
But it’s reasons like this that show exactly why Laertes dies in the end and becomes Hamlets ultimate foil; her temper. In fact it’s the only flaw that Jessica states is a weakness of the character “For as strong as she is, her temper is her ultimate downfall”. Laertes is seen as a very powerful figure in this play and is just as skilled with a weapon as Hamlet. Couple that with her desire for revenge and a hell-bent rage is bound to make anyone avoid listening to
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