Comparing Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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The theme of betrayal and anger are expressed in both the excerpt about Unferth from Beowulf and the poem “The Wife’s Lament.” To illustrate, anger can be developed by many things. For instance, in Beowulf, Unferth is angered or irritated since the great noble hero Beowulf out shines him. When Unferth states, “ but Breca outstayed you, he was stronger;...he could swim better than you” (line 434-441), shows Unferth is angered at the presence of Beowulf since Unferth only tries to acknowledge Beowulf’s failing and none of his success stories. Also showing a bit of tension when Beowulf responds, “though of course it is true you slew your own brothers, your own close kinsmen. For the deed, however cleaver” (lines 504-505). Clearly, showing the

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