Examples Of Heroism In The Goblin Market

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In the poem The Goblin Market written by Christina Georgina Rossetti, Lizzie's act of bravery in saving Laura prompts an exploration into the concept of heroism. By definition heroism is an act of bravery. It is boldness and courageousness. Heroism involves putting someone else's welfare above your own. In small acts of bravery, many people willingly donate blood on a regular basis. While this may not be a daring act of bravery, it does save countless lives around the world. There are also people who are on the bone marrow donor registry: these people go through great pain to save the life of a person they don't even know. Some of the greatest unsung heroes in the medical world are organ donors. This group of people is willing to donate non-essential organs; such as giving one kidney to someone they may or may not know. To give part of your body to another person requires bravery that not everyone possesses. Another form of heroism is manifested when one person is willing to put his or her own life at risk to save a loved one who is in danger. We have all seen news stories where a mother will risk her own life to save the life of her child. Similarly, in the case of a home invasion, typically a husband will confront the intruder to try to protect his family and home. A spectacular show of heroism is displayed when a person…show more content…
First there is spectacular bravery that one doesn't even realize he would do until the crisis situation comes up. An example of this is the person who runs into a burning building to save someone. Perhaps early education that tresses concern for others would lead to more instances of brave acts in unexpected situations. Secondly, there is planned bravery. In planned bravery the person already knows he will want to help if a crisis arises. Knowing this, he plans and studies so he will be equipped to handle a crisis. Examples of this kind of bravery are first responders and members of the

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