Dracula The Ultimate Marxist

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Katelyn Atkinson ENG 216 Critical Analysis Dracula: The Ultimate Marxist A Marxist interprets history as a series of class struggles, in which people base their thoughts and actions according to their economic factors. In the novel, Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, it has entertained many debates by critics if Count Dracula embodies the qualities a Marxist exemplifies in a society. This is the dominant class imposing their beliefs on the lower class in order to conform to the standards and beliefs of the dominant class. The novel represents a struggle between the middle (capitalist bourgeois) class and Dracula (monopolist). Dracula worked in relation to the bourgeois fears of the domination from the superior class. Karl Marx wrote in “From…show more content…
“—class or economic inequaility differences of power and prestige, the violation and mistreatment of others, domination by the powerful over the powerless…” (Ryan, 64). Dracula is placed in a higher power due to his subtle movements that is evident when the carriage rider warns Jonathan. Dracula has authority over the residents in the village of Bukovina, the carnage rider states to Jonathan “There is no carriage here, the Herr is not expected after all. He will come to Bukovina and return tomorrow or the next day; better the next day.” (Stoker, 35) This is the carriage drivers attempt to warn and save Jonathan from the rumors of a full moon at Dracula’s palace. However, Dracula appears dressed as a carriage driver and undermines the people of Bukovina. Dracula greets them “You are early to-night, my friend.” (Stoker, 35) and all it took was a subtle, cold greeting from a member of the upper class to cast onto the lower class and the words were regretted and covered up “The English Herr was in a hurry.” (Stoker, 35) This is no match for the intelligent and powerful Dracula as he rebuttals with “”This is why I suppose you wish him to go onto Bukovina. You cannot deceive me, my friend; I know too much, and my horses are swift.” As he spoke he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and

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