Jedi Force Beliefs

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Roy 1 Gregory Roy Ms. Julia Horigan ENC 1102 Jedi Force Beliefs and Principles One of the most noted aspects of star wars is the journeys, the beliefs, and principles that happen throughout the movie. Struggle in the Jedi life causes turmoil and adversity between rival war lords which spreads throughout the core worlds. George Lucas the creator of star wars created the story line based on power, evil, and beliefs. “Jedi’s are trained to become sensitive to the Force's energy, fluctuations, and disturbances” (Beyer). The Jedi beliefs and principles are very important in the way they live. They say that (1) A Jedi shall not know anger and hatred, (2) A Jedi shall not know love, there is no emotion, there is peace, and last (3) anger is important…show more content…
The force can take over your body and reveal your greater potentials. Through the force, as you keep the peace you will be able to ease your mind. Jedi’s believe that their beliefs are for the greater of good and they see it as a way of life to lead them through the right path. Keeping a clear mind is important as a Jedi because the mind gets clustered and distracts the mind from having a clear view. Anakin grew up pretty much as a degenerate, with no parental advisory, and masters who didn't care much for him. "These early-life experiences do not predict adult pathology alone, but they do constitute part of a larger formula that could lead to a destructive tendency (Andrea)." Although Anakin faced a lot of diversity Jedi’s are taught to maintain peace and order in the galaxy. Fear and intimidation were brought into the galaxies to control the lower class. This way people would keep their cool and no one would act up. As a Jedi you are supposed to be cautious of your thoughts, and focus on the forces positive energy. This will lead you to having a healthy body, and mind as you grow older. Trusting in your feelings is also important because it triggers the good and bad thoughts. Your thoughts can get lead you to get spiritually involved, as we think and use the forces energy to influence us. Having the right force and energy keeps everything in balance around…show more content…
As we get older and wiser some of us can hold our anger in, and some of us just cannot. As a result, anger can turn lives in to a catastrophe without you until you get to the point when you can’t control it. Young Anakin Skywalker struggled emotionally just because of all the pain he went through. When push comes to shove we have to take into thought that most of our struggle as has been brought upon by ourselves. Either way you can choose to embrace it or use it to motivate yourself in doing

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