Flowers For Algernon: The Value Of Experiences

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Flowers for Algernon: The Value of Experiences In the award winning short story, “Flowers for Algernon,” the powerful influence of the main character's past experiences is portrayed. The protagonist, Charlie Gordon, is a mentally retarded man who is selected to be a test subject for an experimental surgery. The surgery allows Charlie to become much more intelligent, even surpassing his doctors who designed the experiment. However, over time, his intelligence decays and he is lowered to his old self. Although the intelligence he acquired was temporary, the experiment was meaningful and worth the journey for Charlie. His journey to becoming a rational, intelligent person transformed who he was as a person, and his lifestyle in a positive way. Due to the experiment, Charlie was able to learn and experience many things he otherwise might not have had an opportunity to achieve.…show more content…
He notices that his friends repeatedly say that they “pulled a Charlie Gordon” when they make mistakes. At first Charlie does not understand the meaning of that overused phrase, but he gains realization a month later. He is humiliated that his friends, Frank and Joe, only liked his company “to make fun of [him]”. Though Charlie’s friends always perceived him as a source of entertainment rather than a true friend, they later grew respect and genuine concern for him. Charlie's downfall leads his friends to realize their weak judgment towards him. When his intelligence deteriorates and a co-worker teases him, Joe stands up for Charlie. Frank advises Charlie to tell him if anyone harrasses him, so he can “set 'em straight”. The experiment allowed Charlie to acquire real friends who truly cared about

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