Enneagram Reflection

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From the enneagram I took last week to get a better understanding of my personality was really fun and interesting. After taking the enneagram two times and the results that I go back after taking it was type three winged two and that is known as the achiever. Seeing that I was an achiever and reading about made me take a step out of my own shows and see if those characteristics match the personality I think I have and the personality that my family thinks I have. Reading the website about some characteristics were of the The Achiever were very interesting. Some of the the characteristics that they said that the achiever have are self-assured, charming, energetic, can be over concerned about what others think of them, and can be role models for others. Some of these characteristics I do believe tie into my personality I am a very energetic person when it…show more content…
Comparing these to my enneagram there were some similarities and differences. One similarity from the enneagram and from what my family said about me is that I am energetic and a strong willed leader. I do feel agree with my family that I am kind hearted and selfless because I like to do anything for people and it involves me stopping what I am doing then I will stop and help others. With my family telling me that I have a great sense of humor and and smart I tend to like to surround myself with people who are funny and who will teach me new ideas. I seem to always be around people who are funny and bring joy and laughter to the table. Not only do I like to be around people who have a great sense of humor, but with people who are smart and can teach me something. Some of these personalities from what my family thought that I have were not on the enneagram and that is okay because maybe they will represent a different type that I may

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