Slumdog Millionaire Film Analysis

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I will be analysing the film Slumdog Millionaire (from 2:16-3:16). I talk about second minute of movie. It begin at 2:11 minutely shot was close up of Gamal he was shocked and interviewer is starting theme in these first few minute to thanking people and start to talk to gamal and ask him,Tell me about your self? lighting direction was high in the stage . Camera angle in this shot was low angle. Sound was in this shot dialogue between interviewer and Gamal,and sound effect of music. Then long shot take all of the the stage. The lighting was higher. The camera movement from up and down. Then be close up shot of Gamal and gamal was remember the police inspector. The director used smash cuts to show the two different areas that Jamal is in and…show more content…
Immediately we are able to see that he is the protagonist and the film will focus on how he feels with his emotions and his point of view. The lighting is low key and has a gold/yellow element to it which could suggest money and riches. It could also mirror the heat in the country, as it’s a very warm colour, showing us it’s set in India. It cuts to Jamal filmed from an over the shoulder shot of the first man which makes us, as viewers, feel closer to the situation that is occurring. On the screen it introduces the year and the place as Mumbai, 2006. This immediately lets us know that the film is set in a developing country and that this justice system is corrupt. The interrogator blows smoke into his face as a way of intimidating Jamal and to show his authority. It suddenly cuts back to the interrogation part as an extreme close up of Jamal’s head being plunged under water. The bucket his head is in is red which causes the water to look red. This symbolises blood and danger which makes us feel that there is impending doom. The part of the scene where it is showing Jamal on the show, it is a flashback as when Jamal is being interrogated, he is remembering what has happened as that is the reason for the interrogation. This brings us closer to Jamal as this is the beginning of us viewing his life as flashbacks. During the section in the scene where it’s set on the show, the camera shows the behind the set workers showing multiple screens with Jamal from all angles which shows he is being watched and isn’t able to escape it. The presenter is mocking Jamal’s job and making the audience laugh, which is another insight as to how things work differently in a developing country due to that Jamal is being made fun of. Having this behaviour on the British version of this TV show wouldn’t be permitted. This shows he has dominance and

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