Search Engine Advantages And Disadvantages

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND With the development of World Wide Web ,web search engine have contributed a lot in searching information from the web . They help in finding information on the web as quick as possible . But still there are certain ways for its improvement . Web search engine do not consider specific needs of user and here each user is served equally . It seldoms become difficult for the web search engine to know what actually the user wants.When different users give same query, same result will be returned by a typical search engine, no matter which user submitted the query .While searching for the information from the web, users need information based on their interest. For example the word "virus" - In this example if one user…show more content…
It is difficult to let the search engine know what we the user actually want . • Search engine reterives information from web which follow "one site fit all" which is not adaptable to users. DISADVANTAGES • When different users give same query, same result will be returned by a typical search engine. • It becomes difficult for the user to get the relevant content. • Time Consuming for user to search for a query. So, we are providing a user relevant information according to his interest by generating personalized search engine. ADVANTAGES • Different search results can be provided depending upon the choice and information needs of users. • It exploits user information and search context to learning in which sense a query refer. • Save the searching time of user’s. So an efficient search engine which provide results to a user according to his/her interest in less search time 1.3 PURPOSE , SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY 1.3.1…show more content…
Information obtained from User Profile is classified into these specified categories. The learning agent learns users choice automatically through the analysis of user navigation/browsing history, and creates/updates enhanced User Profile conditioning to the users most recent choice. Once the user inputs query, the system provides good suggestions for personalized web search based on enhanced user profile. Further our model makes good use of the advantages of popular search engines, as it can re-rank the results obtained by the search engine based on the enhanced user profile. 1.3.3 APPLICABILITY • Personalized web search is most widely used in online shopping websites for user recommendations. For eg. Flipkat, Amazon, Ebay etc. • Personalized Web Search Engine can also be used in global search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bruno Search, Bing, etc. • Applicable to research areas such as Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence and Natural Processing Language. • It has greatly contributed in research area that is Web Mining. Web Mining is used to analyse the data collected on web and extract useful knowledge from it. 1.4

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