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Actavis Plc is a global integrated company that focuses on research, development and distribution of high quality generic and revolutionary branded pharmaceutical products. The company is committed to identifying opportunities that enhance the corporate goals of the Organisation and prosper competitive leverage. This report is compiled to evaluate the efficiency and productivity in the Malta Actavis plant. Encountering substantial challenges, which have been brought about by launching new products, technological developments, International economic conditions, investment in new emerging markets and consolidation with other originators in the generic field industry. These criteria establish Actavis on the map when it comes to quality excellence…show more content…
Changes were not always well acknowledged by employees as this meant changing the work agenda. By evaluating durations of changeovers of different production lines, Management were able to shrink timings of full wash downs and changeovers dramatically after evaluating current process. In the past full cleaning wash down used to take approximately 14 hours and more. This included performing end of batch tests and quantifying material which is to be returned to store, reconciliation of material used, and removal of finished batch from production line. Dismantling of tooling that is to be washed. Cleaning starts off by using pressurised air and full wash down of equipment by utilising purified water and hydro clean degreasing solution and washing of equipment from powder and debris that had accumulated during production runs and, if in contact with different products would cause…show more content…
This includes dismantling of soiled tooling and parts, washing of equipment and production line, verification that the process has been done according to standard operating procedures (sop’s) and good manufacturing practices (Gmp’s). Supervisor verifies assembly line after the operators for the purpose of double checking. If everything is in order the process of assembling of new clean verified tooling to be used on the next campaign, as instructed by the planning department who plan on weekly basis depending on the clients orders and requests starts. Meanwhile clean parts to be assembled would have already been washed and prepared by part time employees, whose work entails preparing format parts as per plan, depending on the product and blister size to be introduced next in line. Whereas before this process was done by the operator after cleaning the production line from previous active product. Thus by introducing such measures duration of the full wash down process has been improved drastically. Eliminating full wash down of Endline and Cartoner stations and just using pressurised air, whilst only performing full wash down on a monthly basis contributed remarkably to decreasing duration of full wash downs as only the Thermoformer station is to be washed down every time the need for full cleaning

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