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Our understanding has formed in such a way that the general populace; when asked what a church looks like, has a common thought of stages and an altar that overlooks an audience. The thing is though, ‘common’ has taken a new shape over the decades, and so I will aim to prove, it is clearly evident that the thought of tradition warps into something of almost complete difference or fades entirely if given sufficient time. I speak of this in the sense of how the intellectual being develops into a superior understanding of the space that surrounds us. Tradition fades to new tradition. In today’s age, sleek metal giants cladded with tremendous amounts of glass is what this generation knows as common. Eventually this turns into tradition. Daily…show more content…
It contains all the common trademarks of baroque architecture. The design is excessively detailed. This can be seen in the general exterior of the church. The façade, as typical baroque architecture, contains a large front entrance accompanied by two windows evenly as big on each side of the door. If we take a look at the typical design elements of baroque architecture and thereafter analyse the structure, we will clearly notice how it ticks most of the boxes. Distinctive features of baroque architecture include: broader naves, dramatic use of light, glorious use of figures (often wooden carved), façade characterised by dramatic central projection . The two buildings that cuddle next to the church on either side is the Sextant house which watches over the church at night, and the actual house of Martin Melck, which was later donated to the minister of the church . Inside the church, is a layout familiar to most. The church consists of several key functions such as: the seating, the gallery, the altar and the organ control which sits above to the back of the church. The church only has two actual rooms, the vestry and the actual hall. The vestry is located at the very back of the church. ‘A vestry is a room or building attached to a church, used as an office and for changing into ceremonial vestments.’ In the case of this church, it used as a room to store historical valuables…show more content…
From the exterior, one could relate the design to a modern architecture. Still then, it does not fully resemble the designs of modern architecture we are familiar with. Its irregular shape makes me think that it was just a rebel architect that wanted to do something different, but still is just a modernist. This design takes a drastic turn once you enter the Chapel. The outside of the chapel was designed specifically to mask the radically sculpted inside . The chapel was constructed in a unique way, one I’ve personally never seen before. One hundred and twelve tree trunks retrieved from a nearby forest were set in the shape you see to create the framework. Twenty-four layers of concrete were then casted around the trees. The trees were then slowly burned for three weeks to ash. This left a unique recurring semi-circle pattern that makes the uniquely shaped inside walls. The interesting process left charred walls, which provides an unexplainable atmosphere . The inside was shaped in that sense to provide only one inlet for light, this would be the oculus. The evident slant of the wall directs one’s attention toward the

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