Christian Stereotypes In Movies

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Why Doesn’t the Light of the World Shine in Movies? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 228,182,000 Christians live in the United States (2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States, Table 75). Needless to say, Christians make up a large portion of the American population. However, media seems to face a challenge when deciding how to depict Christians in movies. In some films, Christians are seen as villainously hateful, with a judgmental and holier-than-thou attitude. On the contrary, many other movies paint Christians as people who are hypocritical and immoral. There are, however, a few movies which portray Christians in an accurate light, but most movies do not. This might cause one to wonder why it is so difficult for Hollywood…show more content…
As an example, people tend to view Christians as judgmental and stodgy. And in movies, this is usually how Christians are seen. If a person has not had a personal interaction with a Christian, they only have media depictions as means to form an opinion about what Christians are. The way Christianity is portrayed in media provides only a sophomoric glimpse into the reality of who Christians are. According to James Beckford, a religion sociologist from Britain, sees this stereotype carry over from films to the minds of the viewers. He wrote, “Sects [of Christians] are stereotypically conceived of as small, unimportant, fanatical, exclusive and odd (Beckford 1)”. This is partially due to the portrayal of Christians in media, especially in movies. In many films, Christians are the “bad guys”, such as in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which was released in 2007 by Universal Studios. The Christians only appearance in the film is to protest the homosexual union. While certainly many Christians do not agree with homosexuality, most would not go and protest a gay wedding. Most Christians try to emulate Jesus Christ in their actions, and try to love all people as He did. True Christians (Bible-believing Christians) would say, “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses (English Standard Version Bible, Proverbs 10:12)” But to some people (those who only know Christians as the examples they see in media) they only see Christians as hateful, damning, and
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