Why Children Should Be Parole

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Many of us know a child for being this young minded individual who wants to learn all there is to the world around them so that later on they could create an identity for themselves. When thinking of children we think of innocence, mistakes, explorations, needless to say, that these children just want to do good but may not always be given the right tools to do so. Unfortunately, we have evolved into generations where children are getting into more and more trouble. Many of us whether it is parents/guardians or mere adults who are present in these children’s lives just want them to do well. Indeed, we condone exploration but once exploration gets carried away into things that we figure are not good for them we panic. Over the years we have been taught that when a child misbehaves we must punish them. Although we are punishing with the intent to better them we may be having the opposite effect on these children. Punishments could be something as small as taking away allowances to something as drastic as having a child be placed in a disciplinary institution. Being that many of these children end up committing offenses that can be considered unlawful, the question then becomes the following: “Should a child be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of…show more content…
Although when I say punished I mean it in a way that will not cause further harm but instead allow them to learn from their mistakes. Sentencing a child to life in prison without the possibility of parole not only is a cruel and inhumane act but it is also the revocation of their human rights, something that we impose upon them every day. You are to live life free and to pursue your happiness, well how can we teach them that concept so early in age and as soon as they get older we tell them that they can no longer be free, that they now belong to a system, a system to which they will abide by until their very last
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