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Mark Haddon’s ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night-time’ is primarily about difference, especially of the protagonist Christopher Boone because of his autism and how it affects his surroundings. Mark Haddon creates a distinctive structure, which expresses significant themes through the language and perspectives of the characters of the text. The novel emphasizes the difference through Christopher and his own difficulties and how his high functional disorder impacts others. Mark Haddon also expresses difference through the setting and the themes of the text. Christopher Boone is represented as an autistic individual in the novel where he deals with hardship on a daily basis and this illustrates how he is different.…show more content…
Throughout the text there are mathematical equations, which emphasize Christopher’s liking and ability for the subject of mathematics. This displays how Christopher’s mind works which also demonstrates his difference as he works logically and in an ordered way. Christopher’s diagrams illustrate how he makes decisions further display how his psyche works mathematically. When Christopher discovers that the murderer of Wellington is his father, Christopher pictures a mind map of where he could live to avoid his father. His decisions were living with Mrs. Shears, going home, staying in the garden, going to live Uncle Terry and going to live with Mother. These options were cancelled out until he was left with one, which was going to live with Mother. This attribute of Christopher differs him from others as he pictures his choices and makes a mind map. In addition, another distinctive feature to the text are the letters where Christopher finds which allows the reader to enter the world of the relationship of he and his mother. The mother son relationship is close where the mother would intrigue Christopher with a train set. Also his mother had introduced him to train timetables where he made his own. This suggests that due to Christopher’s autism he prefers and enjoys the predictability of things. These

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