Summary: The Three Of The Greatest Canadian Individuals

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The Three of the Greatest Individuals in Canadian History Canada has seen many great individuals. These individuals shaped Canadian history and changed countless lives in Canada and the rest of the world. Individuals who were great leaders. They guided this nation to achieving better things and becoming better than ever before. Individuals that showed integrity and loyalty throughout their lives. Of these great Canadian individuals, there were three that stood out from the rest. The three individuals that had the greatest impact on Canadian lives were Lester B. Pearson, Mackenzie King, and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Lester B. Pearson had a great impact on Canada and the rest of the world. Pearson was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1963-68. Even though Canada had no economical or…show more content…
To grow a country’s autonomy means to grow its independence. Mackenzie King did just that. He wanted Canada to be free from Old style British imperialism and he wanted a formal declaration. Following the events of the Chanak Affair, in which Britain asked us to fight for them and Canada did not immediately say yes like they did in World War One, there was the Balfour Declaration. In the Balfour Declaration, Britain declared that the Dominions of the British Empire were equal in status with Britain. This no longer made us a follower of Britain; we were now equal with them. This helped grow the feeling of autonomy in Canadians. Mackenzie King was also part of the King-Byng affair in which he got an election even though the Governor General (representative of Britain) said he couldn’t have it. This was the last time Britain interfered with our government. This led to the building of the Statue of Westminster which got Canada on the road to sovereignty. This is how Mackenzie King impacted Canadian lives by growing the country’s autonomy. This is why Mackenzie King is one the three men who had the greatest impact on Canadian

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