Truman's Argument For Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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August 6, 1945 is a day that all Americans and people would remember in world’s history. That day Truman decided to drop the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima, it kill a lot of people and poison many more. This act crated so many arguments against the use of the atomic bomb in Japan. In my opinion I think Truman made the right decision on dropping the atomic bomb, even after other people don’t think the same thing his decision save a lot of people. They didn’t even know what were the consequences of using a bomb with so much power. After the death of president Roosevelt Truman took power and became the new president of the United States. Once Truman took power as new president he decided to launch what it was call the atomic bomb in 1945. There…show more content…
On of the argument on the textbook says “The world has wondered ever since whether the United States might have defeated Japan without resorting to atomic bombs.” (Pg.778 textbook). Other people like Albert Einstein didn’t believe on the atomic bomb, but at the end after seen what Germany was trying to do wrote a latter that supported the production and use of the atomic bomb. Some people think it was right others that it was the wrong decision using the bomb. In my opinion I think Truman made the right decision on tacking the action of dropping the two bombs. I agree with the actions Truman took because it could have been us paying the price if president Truman wouldn’t have taken that decision. After that big catastrophe Japan surrender, in the book it says how Japanese leaders got surprise “ but recent research shows that the bombs were the shock that allowed the emperor and peace advocates to overcome military leaders who wanted to fight to the death”. At the same time it makes me feel bad because a lot of innocent people die with out knowing what was going to happen next. People didn’t know what were the consequences of that atomic bomb into it was too late. People got burned with radiation and suffered of other symptoms that would never go

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