Personal Narrative Essay: The Origin Of The Tree

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It's summer. The feeling of heat and hotness is in the atmosphere. The sun's giving it all, as you can feel the sweat running down, from your forehead to cheek. Or your entire body in general. It's that time of the year, where you wish, that it's winter again. You won't believe it, but.. There is a gorgeous looking, breathtaking, exquisite viewing, stunning, radiant and appealing, young, large tree. The tree's winsome green, nostalgic leaves are glamorous and glorious looking. It's as if you want to take a bite of it. I can expect, that you want, to see such amusing thing, am I right? It holds such a colorful, beautifully brown shaped trunk. But that is only, for later, to go into detail. The tree has everything, a tree can ever ask God for. You can also say that the tree is an instance illustration, of what perfection and flawlessness have to look like when it comes to being a tree. Sounds like something coming out from a fantasy story. But you can't deny, that it observes as amazingness. Right? The perfect result of Evolution. Any Biological dream. But back to the trunk, of the tree. The trunk has a spectacular, perfect looking figurative image. It's as if even the roots of it, which is underground, of course, could be tremendous, marvelously, wildly, fantastic looking! Damn, what unbelievable information, of a simple tree! Never have so much…show more content…
Was it any human?" The tree didn't react. "Was it the weather? No.. If it was any wind or fire, it would have affected the other trees, around this forest. Hm.." The Dead considered, that it may have been the other trees around it. Could it be, that they got so envious, they determined to injure it? "Was it the other trees, for being jealous of you?" The Dead asked. The tree made a vibrating movement. It must be close, to that. "What did they do?" The tree didn't reply. There was a very long silence. "Did they say anything, to you. Anything, mean and awful?" The tree reacted, but went silent

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