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Good nutrition is critical to health. Diverse, high quality food is critical to nutrition. And agriculture plays a key role in producing and improving access to the nutritious food needed for healthy, productive lives (Carol, 2015). Naturally, most people would say agriculture is about growing food and rearing animals; they are right. Agricultural performance, after all, is measured in terms of production measured in yield, grain production and output. The purpose of agriculture, however, does not stop there. At a deeper level, the purpose of agriculture is not just to grow crops and livestock for food and raw materials, but to grow healthy, well-nourished people (IFPRI, 2012). Good nutrition is the foundation for healthy, effective and productive lives. Good nutrition in mothers improves their likelihood of giving birth to healthy babies, with strong immune systems and well-developed brains (Carol, 2015).Continued good nutrition helps those children carry on growing in strength and resilience. They’re more apt to fight off disease, do better in school and have more opportunity to reach their full potential in life (IFPRI, 2014).The latest FAO estimates indicate that the trend in global hunger reduction continues as about 805 million people…show more content…
The main goal of food security is for individuals to be able to obtain adequate food needed at all times and to be able to utilize the food to meet the body’s needs (Black et al., 2008). Food security has been identified to have food availability, food accessibility utilization and stability of components (Del Ninno, Dorosh and Subbarao, 2005; Kenedy, 2003; Obanuro, Doppler et al., 2005).Food insecurity makes citizens especially the rural dwellers to either be unable to prevent serious health risks or stunted

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