The Importance Of The Gamemakers In The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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Imagine living in a world where a possible occupation is to design an arena in which twenty four adolescents will fight to the death on live television. In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, this is exactly the job of the people who are known as the Gamemakers. In the society of Panem twenty four children between the ages of twelve and eighteen are selected to compete in “The Hunger Games.” In this civilization, their role is to configure an arena in order to make these games as entertaining as possible of the audience watching at home. In the novel, the game makers embody the theme of humanity versus inhumanity through their efforts to make the deaths of the tributes engaging for the viewers. In the novel, the Gamemakers control everything…show more content…
Towards the ending of the story, the Gamemakers change and bend the rules to make two tributes, Katniss and her close ally Peeta, have a final battle where one has to kill the other, even though they are supposedly in love. When they announce that there can only be one winner to the games, Katniss realizes, “This has all been devised by the Gamemakers to guarantee the most dramatic showdown in history. And like a fool, I bought into it” (Collins 342). This quote talks about how how the Gamemakers plan out to have two people who love each other, kill one another. They are unsympathetic towards the fact that both of them cannot bear to even attempt to kill the other. Their only goal is to make their deaths as dramatic and action packed as possible. To them, the Hunger Games arena is not a place where twenty three innocent children die. They look at is as a stage for a television show and purely as entertainment for the districts. In the end, the Game makers make sure that the games are nothing more than entertainment and they have no concern for the lives of the

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