Persuasive Essay: Mood-Booster Food?

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Mood-Booster food. We all have those days when you just wanna punch someone on the face and scream. That awful grouchy feelings when you’re having a really, really bad day. It triggers when shit happens and sometimes it comes when you least expect it. For instance, you had a bad job interview, laptop got broken for an important pitch at work, hubby broken up with you the same day you just got fired from work, you’re hungry and late for your date, to add up to that, your PMS every single month. On the whole, there are so many reasons and scenarios daily why you feel the universe is up against you and life sucks. Now, you have to stay in your room, lock it up, turn on that sad, melancholy, depressing music and cry. Initially, that’s your…show more content…
Spread the word, ladies! Chocolate if you feel like stressed There is some science to back the theory that chocolate makes us happy. Studies have shown that chocolate has chemical compounds that can have the same effects on our brains as marijuana. Serotonin is a happy mood- boosting compound which is found in chocolate. It has been proven that eating a bit of it makes us feel happier and reduces anxiety. Choose dark chocolate because it is packed with antioxidants than milk chocolate. So the next time you feel like your boss is giving you such a hard time, pull out that dark chocolate inside your drawer and indulge to it. You will feel a happy camper afterwards, I bet. Salmon if you are depressed I know that we worry too much sometimes. We suggest to meet up with your girlfriend and grab a salmon sashimi for lunch. Evidence says that omega-3 fatty acids which found in fatty fish such as salmon may help depressive symptoms. A study showed that eating fish twice a week was associated with lower risk of depression. Omega-3s can boost mood-elevating power of prescription antidepressants. Salmon has high levels of omega-3s and low levels of mercury. Salmon sashimi, are you kidding me? It’s low in calories and tastes delightful. Who wouldn’t resist having this when you’re feeling low and anxious. Such a

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