Mocking Jay Rebellion

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In the film “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part I” the movie takes place directly after the actions of the last instalment “Catching Fire” where Katniss Everdeen is rescued from the hunger games. In this instalment of the story, Katniss is taken back to District 13, an underground facility which was bombed many years ago in the first attempt of rebellion. Ensuring Katniss’s survival was key for District 13’s President Coin, whom is using her as the symbol of the rebellion as she is the “Mocking Jay”. Their idea of uniting all districts as one against the Capital is through the use of propaganda films. However due to their mistake of leaving Peeta behind in the games, Katniss is uncooperative. There only option left is to remind her who the real…show more content…
As we know that Katniss is representing the revolution due to her being the “Mocking Jay”. This is also leaving her with a lot of weight on top of her shoulder above all of her own inner struggles from the games itself. Every night she suffers from constant nightmares from the games and due to Peeta still being within the Capital being tortured. When she sees the aftermath of her home district it triggers an extreme amount of emotion within her. One being the sadness that everyone she knows is dying and the other being the inner fire burning of rage. For these reasons the viewer is able to relate emotionally with her due to her open emotional struggles. As well as the fact that conflicts are irreconcilable. When Katniss has the realization when District 13 was being bombed and the aftermath was left with white roses, that Snow was sending her a message that he will kill those she loves most. Therefore she puts a halt to any retaliation they had in mind due to her own self struggle. Furthermore when Peeta is captured we understand his altered mindset. This is depicting the subjective reality because the psychological forces within Peeta are making him act out against Katniss due to him being brainwashed. Since this is the ending of the movie, it leaves the viewer with a lack of closure due to the viewer wondering if Peeta will ever survive this conflict and become himself
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