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Emotional Intelligence Between now and next Monday (October 5th), take notes on encounters you have with people whose job it is to serve you and be pleasant: waiters, retail salespeople, cashiers, and so forth. Make two columns on your paper. In the first column, describe the encounter and then note the type of or lack of emotional intelligence you observed with each. In the second column, make notes on your feelings and your ability to control your emotions in reaction to those encounters. Pay attention to pages 81 and 82 in your text with special consideration in your assessment for questions 2, 5,12, 13, 15 and 19 as they relate to you and those you encounter. Encounter I was in the David O. Mckay library and decided to check out Harry Potter. I walked…show more content…
Am I critical, condescending, and inhibited or am I socially poised and cheerful? In this experience I felt poised and cheerful. I felt this was because the guy I was chatting to was poised and cheerful and the behavior was positively infectious. For the most part I feel pretty cheerful and poised though I think sometimes I give expressions of indifference which might give people the impression that I am critical or condescending. Inside I don’t usually feel this way. 5. Do I tend to be anxious and handle stress poorly or am I comfortable with myself and how well do I handle stress? I am not normally anxious unless I am in a stressful situation. I can get stress sometimes and there are certain situations where I do feel uncomfortable, this however, was not one of them. I personally hate feeling stress but sometimes stress motivates me to get something done or to act. 12. Am I generally optimistic and do I see the upside in every event? I feel I am normally pretty content inside. There are days and certain situations that I don’t always see the upside. In this situation the librarian was positive and so it was easy to feel positive too. I guess this means I might be affected by my
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