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For the four components of interpersonal effectiveness, I had the high score on emotional intelligence. I got a high score in emotional intelligence because I have always been the type to interpret well, have a good understanding and acting upon emotions. I am good at dealing with social or emotional conflicts, expressing my feelings, and dealing with emotional situations. Growing up I was always the go to person in school and even with family because I listened so well. I listen to what others had to say and also would watch their body language and tone of voice. I build strong bonds with people, when I get to know them. I also was the type to behave according to my social and professional settings. For example, I am not the type to act up…show more content…
I am personally affected because I have different stressors and environments daily that test my competence, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and ethics. For example, I have two kids that want my attention or are hungry but then I have an assignment that’s due. The choice is either let the children sit awhile so I can get the assignment done or the consequences for bad time management and feed my kids. I am affected academically especially in the area of competence. I have to adjust myself everyday to make sure I am on top of everything towards school and family time. I have to plan out when my assignments are due and read assignments in order to meet my goals, which is to earn a bachelor’s degree within three years, which I know I’ll earn my degree in two years, which is important to me, which develops “communication of attitudes.” I have to learn to balance school and family time. Being a stay at home mom, I have figure out a lot what my three year old is trying to say because she has speech problems. I use emotional intelligence and mindfulness so that I can understand what my three year old wants or needs according to her body language or her…show more content…
During this time, it has occurred to me that my family and friends tend to call me when a situation in their lives comes about. The reason for this is because I listen without judgment and I don’t interrupt. I also give good advice and this helps to have healthy coping skills. Mindfulness skills enable me to let go of minor issues, adapt socially in an environment and to find good resolutions for my life situation but with other as well. Looking back on my goals that I set for myself, a few behaviors I can practice is improving my emotional intelligence. I need to consider the areas where I am not strong and think of new ways that I can learn and grow. I need to take stock of my strong points and find ways to continue to develop and apply these skills that were mentioned in the self-assessment. I need to learn new skills to handle confrontation with others, when I don’t agree with them. Developing myself with time will help me in the long run to better understand my values beliefs and can apply in my personal, professional and academic

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