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• The passive Voice in Present 1. The use of the Passive voice We only use the passive when the subject did not make the action (the subject is passive), and the “doer” is unknown, obvious or not important. Look at the sentence bellow. The dog bit Aldo. • Who’s more important in this sentence the dog or Aldo? If you answered Aldo, you are right. So the dog is UNIMPORTANT. Maybe other information should be prioritized. Aldo was bitten yesterday, but he’s all right now. • Imagine that Aldo usually plays with his dog, and his dog is very playful and likes to bite things, maybe the dog has bit him before. So if you notice Aldo has a bite wound, we can say that it is OBVIOUS who did it. Aldo was bitten again! • Now imagine that Aldo was in the…show more content…
The passive voice present is often used to describe: • Processes First the bananas are picked. Then, they are cleaned and packed. Finally, they’re shipped to the market. • General thoughts, opinions, and beliefs Cancun is considered the most attractive beach resort in America. It is believed that sleeping is important for your skin health. Spanish is considered the most difficult language to learn. A: Change the clues below to sentences in the passive present that detail the activities that are done for you in a hotel. Example: wash, clothes. The clothes are washed at the hotel. 1. shoes, shine _________________________________________________________________________________ 2. food, bring to your room_____________________________________________________________________ 3. drinks, serve by the pool______________________________________________________________________ 4. organize, excursions__________________________________________________________________________ 5. parties, hold _________________________________________________________________________________ 6. beds, make…show more content…
The most popular are this, that, these and those. The difference between demonstrative pronouns and adjectives is that demonstrative adjectives are followed by nouns while demonstrative pronouns are not. Demonstrative pronouns take the place of proper nouns. A: Choose the correct pronoun. 1. __________ car is too expensive. a) This b) These 2. __________ wallet is really nice, but too old. a) That b) Those 3. __________ pens are Liza’s. a) This b) These 4. __________ movie is really bad, you shouldn’t see it. a) That b) Those 5. __________ airplanes aren’t used anymore a) That b) Those 6. __________ afternoon is perfect for a walk. a) This b) These 7. __________ pizza parlor serves delicious salads a) That b) Those 8. __________ candy is only sold in Puebla. a) This b) These 9.__________ children are taken care by their families. a) That b) Those 10. _________ kind of food is eaten only on Saturdays. a) This b) These Choose the correct demonstrative pronoun or adjective. 1. I really like ___________ movie! But, ____________ are really

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