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Model of Organisational Design The model of organizational design to be used in KK Spa is mechanistic structure. Mechanistic structure refers to the division of jobs that are ‘precisely defined’ (Connor, McFadden & McLean, ND). Mechanistic structure is characterized by high work specialization, rigid departmentalization, clear chain of command, narrow spans of control, centralization and high formalization. The staffs in different departments are given different tasks and department goal rather than organization goal and know little about the overall operation of our company. The reason that mechanistic structure is chosen is because our company is operating in a relatively stable condition in which the situation that we are going to face is…show more content…
Each staff will only be given certain job or job scopes that are relevant to their skills. For example, cashier at the counter will only deals with payment services and other services will be referred to staff from relative department. It could make our company more efficiency as staffs are given task according to their ability. However the staffs also given chance to give suggestions on how to improve their job as too much specification will curbs innovation. Departmentalization The departmentalization of KK Spa to be implemented is functional orgainisational structure. A functional organization divides the company into different departments which has their own responsibilities (Suttle & Media, ND). The key functions of KK Spa include food and beverages, human resources, accounting and marketing, and facilities and customer services. On the basis of these key functions, the operation of our company can be divided into departments with respective job scopes. The staffs in our company are distributed into different departments according to their ability, knowledge, skills and experience. This will be able to enhance the efficiency of working and promote development of greater expertise. In order to avoid the boundaries that may be formed between departments, a meeting between departments will be convene regularly and to focus more on organizational goals rather department…show more content…
The chain of command defines who shall a worker reports to when encounters problem. In KK Spa, a staff will reports to the first line manager of respective department and the first line manager will reports to the manager while the manager will reports to the chief executive. The important of having a clear chain of command is that it gives authority to upper management to supervise the employee to make sure the given task is accomplish according to plan. It can also enhance the efficiency of our company as employee reports to their supervisor and manager first before it is reported to upper management. The problem could be solved during the process of reporting. It reduces the work load of upper management and save the time from reporting to upper management. Narrow Spans of Control Span of control is the number of employees that a manager oversees. For our company, the span of control will be narrowed which means that every manager will not oversees more than 6 people. The reason for using a narrow span of control in our company is our company is a new company where employees are less confident and unfamiliar with their job scope. With a narrow span of control, manager can spend more time with their subordinates and guide them better. Manager with fewer subordinates will be able to know them well and make better decision.

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