Winston Churchill: The Turning Point In The World War

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Winston Churchill was one of the greatest orators of his time with his speech “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat”, which helped Britain endure the Nazi invasion during WWII. The War had begun in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. It was not until May 1945 until fighting had ceased. WWII at the start had been in the hands of Nazis, they had swept across Europe. What stood in the Nazis way was Britain, commanded by the great Winston Churchill who created a turning point in the war and the future end to Hitler and his army. Winston Churchill was born on November 30th 1874 in Oxfordshire. He was born into wealth under his father Lord Randolph Church and his mother, Jennie Jerome, was uniquely from Brooklyn, New York. Winston was curious boy who was born…show more content…
After boarding school Winston Churchill begins his military career at The Royal Military College of Sandhurst in 1893 and graduates near the top of his class the following year. In 1895 Winston’s father died at the age of 45 which made him realize that “he too would die young and so should be quick about making his mark on the world”. From there he became a Hussar, a group part of the cavalry, and reported to British newspapers of his experiences. Later the stories were put together and made into a book called “Malakand Field Force”. The book was about the battles in India and of the destruction that battles left behind. Winston gained much popularity through his writings and decided to pursue a political career just like his father. In 1900 Winston Churchill had won a seat in Parliament for the Conservative Party. For eleven years Winston had acquired numerous parliamentary jobs and had finally became First Lord of the Admiralty. As First Lord he created Britain’s air force with his love for planes going into the first World War. He even took flying lessons in order to show that he knew what he was

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