Effective Leadership Self Analysis

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Effective leadership is the ability to persuade people to achieve their goals and dreams, inspire others to realize their potentials, and ultimately create leaders out of them. It sounds cliché, sure, but it is amazing how much this concept is lost in translation. Increasingly, leaders recognize just the superficial value of leadership which is by merely standing out in front as an example. They sadly tend to avoid seeing the real depth of what real leadership qualities are. An excellent reminder on how leadership essentially works is the ability of a leader to become a beacon of motivation. He encourages his people to develop and become better versions of themselves in a significant way. He motivates and becomes an inspiration to them. He shows that he genuinely cares about his people's aspirations and enthusiastically takes an interest in them beyond the workplace. More importantly, a great leader is determined and never surrenders to inspire his people in making them believe in their potentials and feel that they, too, can…show more content…
These leadersnot only demonstrated leadership by example but effectively delegated the tasks to their subordinates, one way of training them into becoming leaders themselves. I am thankful and humbled that I was given a chance to work with these inspiring, awesome leaders here at Synchrony Financial. They continually help me to grow as an employee and make me feel that there is a leader in me, in all of us. I am positive I will learn even more about leadership under their great supervision. Through persistent development from these people, I can definitely say that I became a better person and hopefully become a great leader like them in the future. There is a leader in all of us we just have to believe, aspire and find inspiration. Once we see it and believe in what we can be, together as a team of frontrunners, we will lead the way
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