How Did Hamilton Influence Central Government

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Hamilton was also very influential and held a key role in creating the country we know today. Hamilton's political agenda entailed establishing a stronger federal government under a new Constitution. Hamilton was not a fan of the Articles of Confederation he thought they were a weak and jealous bunch who would not be able to keep the colonies together. Hamilton expressed his view that a reliable ongoing source of revenue would be crucial to developing a more powerful and resilient central government. In 1787 he served as a New York delegate and had a heavy influence in ratifying the Constitution. Working with James Madison and John Jay, Hamilton wrote 51 of 85 essays under the collective title The Federalist. Hamilton was a powerful advocate for ratification, effectively arguing against the anti-Federalist sentiment. His efforts succeeded when New York agreed to ratify, and the remaining eight states followed suit(…show more content…
In favor of a strong central government he would often face opposition from fellow cabinet members probably the most notable being Thomas Jefferson. At the time, the nation was facing great foreign and domestic debt due to expenses incurred during the American Revolution. Hamilton went so far as to turn down New York’s opportunity to house the nation's capital in favor of securing backing for his economic program ( was Hamilton's belief that the Constitution gave him the authority to create economic policies that strengthened the central government. His proposed fiscal policies initiated the payment of federal war bonds, had the federal government assume state' debts, instituted a federal system for tax collection and would help the United States establish credit with other nations ( Hamilton stepped down from his position as secretary of the treasury in 1795, leaving behind a far more secure U.S. economy to back a strengthened federal

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