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Tim Burton is a great director that has produced many amazing films, but what makes the so successful? Tim Burton was born on August 25, 1958, in Burbank, California. He worked as a Disney animator for less than a year and was inspired by Dr. Seuss. What’s so unique about Burton’s style of movies is his ability to create a sense of magic in a film but at the same time gothic and horrifying. His most distinctive works include Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, Planet of the Apes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. The secret behind Burton’s success is his use of cinematic techniques. Burton uses Lighting Sound and camera movements to convey his trademark dark and eerie taste,…show more content…
In Charlie and the Chocolate factory as Charlie and the rest of the buckets listen to Grandpa George there is a diegetic sound of the fire crackling and slight wind blowing. The sound of the wind shows that they are poor but in contrast to that the sound of the fire cracking gives the scene a warm loving feel to it. In Edward Sissorhands as peg walked up the stairs the tempo of the mysterious music begins to speed up and change and as she enters the room it stops but as she sees Edward the music is fast and suspenseful but as she realizes Edward is lonely and sad the music becomes slow and sympathetic as the violin plays. In his film The Big Fish as young Edward in the flash back is approaching the witches house the music is Non Diegetic and eerie as he comes to the door. The music stops as Edward returns creating a sense of wonder as the audience wonders, of what happened. Then the music starts up again whit a fast tempo as the children looks into the witch’s eye and see how they die. By using sound burton can create a certain mood unique to him, and incorporate it into a

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