Tim Burton: Dark And Gothic Film

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Tim burton is a movie director who creates dark and gothic movies that has a twist to it. Like in the movie Edward Scisscorhands, it’s a lot of low-key lighting throughout the scenes in that movie. I think his style is very creative and mysterious. He comes up with movies that are actually interesting to the audience to watch. Tim Burton’s mysterious style is best conveyed through his use of low-key lighting and medium shot. The technique that Burton uses are mainly low-key lighting in my opinion. He tries to create it for dark and creepy scenes in the movie. Also, he usually tries to get the movement of the characters mostly in that movie, so he uses long-shot or establishing shot. Frequently, he uses different types of color. He sometimes fades the scene to make it look suspicious.…show more content…
In Edward Scissorhands, Edward the character, developed a character by when Peg took him to his house and cleaned him up to make him look different. He wasn’t living in any castle anymore, he was living where he has to see people every day. Peg was just telling him to “Be you Edward”. So he had a changed attitude in the beginning to the end. Third, Burton uses a lot of shots in his movies. In Beetle juice, he uses mostly long-shot or medium shot. He made Beetle Juice look smaller than an average human. He mad him shrink so it made the humans look terrifying and gigantic toward Beetle Juice. Burton uses Long Shot to try to show motion, or movement in the characters. Also, Burton uses medium shot to emphasize danger of a situation. Like in Edward Scissorhands, Peg’s neighbor mentioned something about Edward when he came in the neighborhood saying “he was a sign of the devil”. Burton shows a of emotion in a

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