The Corpse Bride And Edward Scissorhands: Film Analysis

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Director Tim Burton, has created a multitude of successful titles, including both The Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands; however, with their similar gothic undertones and countless appearances from Burton's favorites: Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, his films are often predictable and hard to distinguish from one another. His new biopic, “Big Eyes”, starring Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz (without a hint of Johnny Depp) is a breath of fresh air. In a stark contrast between Burton's typical cinematography of murky, dull, and gloomy scenes, “Big Eyes”, is bright and colourful. Pastel dresses and turquoise Chevrolets take us back to the 1950s where we meet Margaret (Amy Adams) and Walter (Christopher Waltz), two artists with divergent…show more content…
The character of Margaret is somewhat similar to Adams' past roles in “Julie and Julia” and “American Hustle”, while each character lives in differing periods with varying situations, the soft spoken pushover who…show more content…
This lack of subtlety continues throughout the film; however, this is not always beneficial. We often see how the characters are feeling not by observation, but instead through the characters often drawn out arguments with one another. This over exaggeration combined with the unusual storyline, causes the film to seem a bit more pantomime then serious bio-drama. In addition, “Big eyes” focuses heavily on the relationship between the Keanes, leaving many questions about the art itself simply unanswered: Why are the children in the paintings so sad? What does it feel like to be despised,and devalued, by critics, but adored by the world? How successful were Margarets self-portraits that she signed with her own name? This is not so much as a negative; however, as this only encourages viewers to want to find out more, as one of the most intriguing aspects of the film is that not too long ago there was a real Margaret, and a real Walter battling it out for the rights call the waifs their

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