Who Is Jacqueline Woodson's Brown Girl Dreaming?

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In Brown Girl Dreaming, Jacqueline Woodson shares how it was like growing up blackin a society filled with racism and hate. In the first entry (Part 1) of Brown Girl Dreaming,Jacqueline Woodson talks about the day she was born on February 12, 1963 in Columbus Ohio,which was in the mist of the Civil Rights Movement (Woodson 1). During this turbulent time,Jacqueline Woodson’s mother and father, Mary Ann Irby and Jack Woodson, try their best toraise their three young children to be strong (Woodson 3-23). However, when Mary Ann takestheir children to go see their grandparents in South Carolina, the relationship between Mary Annand Jack takes a turn for the worst. While Mary Ann is in South Carolina, she rediscovers herlove for the south. Mary Ann…show more content…
These conflicting perspectives of the southcreated a lot of tension between Mary Ann and Jack, and eventually led them to get a divorce.Things I Noticed and Wondered About in Part 1 and My PredictionsWhile I was reading Part 1 of Brown Girl Dreaming, I noticed that there were a lot ofhistorically significant events that took place in this book. For example, Jacqueline Woodsontalks about how it was “too dangerous to sit closer to the front [of the bus]” when they werevisiting their family in Greenville, South Carolina (Woodson 30). This is historically significantbecause during that time segregation was still legal.While I was reading, I also wondered, “Who ran over uncle Odell? How did this happen?Did the driver see him?” Jacqueline Woodson only goes over her uncle Odell’s death briefly inPart 1, so that made me wonder if something else actually happened.All in all, after reading Part 1, I predict that Jacqueline is going to experience a lot of hateand discrimination living in the…show more content…
Brown GirlDreaming is written in verse and tells a story, so it is a narrative poem. However, Brown GirlDreaming is also an autobiography about how Jacqueline Woodson found her love for writing.The second important literary element that I found is the setting, which is “the time andplace in which the events of a story occur” (Temple, Martinez, and Yokota 25). In this book, thesetting is in the 1960’s, during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, and is set in manydifferent places, like Columbus, Ohio and Greensville, South Carolina.The third most important literary element that I found is theme, which is the “centralmeaning of a piece of writing” (Temple, Martinez, and Yokota 37). In Brown Girl Dreaming, themain theme is family. In this book, Jacqueline Woodson’s family influenced her to become awriter and gave her love and support.With everything taken into consideration, I believe that genre, setting, and theme are thethree most important literary elements in the book because they make Brown Girl Dreaming asuccessful piece of literature. Genre is important in Brown Girl Dreaming because it lets thereader know what to expect before they read the book (Temple, Martinez, and Yokota 25).Setting is important in this book it takes place during the Civil Rights Movement, which ishistorically significant.

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