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Healthcare Occupations Educational attainment may have contributed to salary differences. Educational Attainment is used to show the highest degree of education someone has. Studies of Educational Attainment are made based on race, gender etc. In the Healthcare field, it is clearly shown the higher your degree the more money you will make. The same is true vice versa, the lower your level of education the least money you will receive. I believe this has to do with the amount of people that were obtaining these degrees and how the numbers were extremely variety depending on the amount of schooling. For example, more people were obtaining lower educational degrees. In the Healthcare field, there is a wide variety of incomes being earned in each Health career annually. For careers such as, Dentistry and Physicians and Surgeons that are well paid to top all other Healthcare careers. Physicians and Surgeons at number one with a salary earning of equal to or greater than $187,200 a year. Dentists coming in second with a salary of $149,310 annually. Both careers requiring a Doctoral or Professional Degree.…show more content…
From the years of 1940 to about 1966 around 56,742 of the Population had less than a High School diploma, while about 14,627 had a High School diploma or some college and only around 3,407 had a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. As time went by Educational Attainment fluctuated quite a lot by 2013, making the amount of people receiving less than a High School at 24,458, the amount of people receiving High School or some college at 117,949 and 66,879 of the population earning a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. More people from the ages of 25 and older are currently getting High School diplomas and some college. However, how does this have to deal with how Educational Attainment may have contributed to salary

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