Analysis Of Sheila Bair's Inaugural Symposium: Our World, Their Future

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On Thursday, September 24, 2015 Washington College hosted an Inaugural Symposium titled “Our World, Their Future: How the environment and the Global Economy will affect the next generation”. This was a symposium featuring a conversation between Washington College's new President, Sheila Bair and the 74th Secretary of the Treasury, Henry “Hank” Paulson, Jr. Seeing as Sheila Bair had only recently began her presidency at Washington College, this event was not only an opportunity to introduce her to the community and highlight her knowledge and renounce in finance and economics; but also to hear the diverse perspectives of various current economic and political topics among two highly recognized characters whom expend years of knowledge and experience.…show more content…
Initially Harwood began the conversation addressing Paulson about income disparity, which quickly escalated to economic growth. Paulson set an understanding 10 years prior to the crisis (known as the bubble years), generally rooted in 2007, of the overall perception of a flat income due to the people routinely borrowing more than they could afford. He expressed that the economic growth has been “routinized” by technology, and economic growth can not be productively go about. Bair then went on to expand on the economic growth based on government initiative stating “We (referring to the nation) borrow to stimulate economic growth”. Although she states economic growth is the best approach to move forwards; she also states income equality and equal taxation as important factors if future

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