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Innovation is a double edge sword in the consumer industry. It always has a need to innovate by making things easier, faster, and more convenient for the on the go buyer. Many times we find ourselves reading a newspaper article on how a new product is causing harm or how a kid died, all the while never stopping and thinking about how many products we use have come through similar situations. One revolutionary idea in the media business is Tide Pods, which have given millions of people convenience of ease, faster way to do laundry, although many people don’t know the thousands of accidents that have occurred with this product. The main problem with the pods is their bright color, which gives them a very distinct look to the gummy sharks, candy,…show more content…
The first two years of pods being on the market had produced over 17,000 calls to a poison center and one confirmed death. Following this further over 100 children had to be placed on breathing machines and intubated (Painter 1). The stats for the first year alone are shocking when you consider these being the only ones that were reported to the poison control center. While looking at the big picture of things its best to think of things on a daily basis. According To Kim Painter, Tide pods sent one child to the hospital a day during the first to years of the products release (1). The numbers speak for themselves in regards children eating detergent that is mistaken for candy. Contrastingly according to Senator Charles Schumer pods have been on the market in Europe for several years and is urging Americans not to buy the products (Schumer 1). Americans need to step up and listen to the advice in convergence to all of the household detergents and cleaning products that are used in the home. However, Tide Pods still contain a twelve percent market share with a large movement in support of the Detergent PACS Act of 2015. Given the support from both European and American markets a lot of the major consumer product companies are still suggesting consumers not buy the products until they are deemed safe (The 18-19). No doubt there is great support for changing legislature and informing consumers of the products harm, they are still being exposed to children every

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