Tanishq Case Study

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Profits generated Profits generated per year (Rs crore) 1996-1997 - 10.60 1997-1998 - 21.96 1998-1999 - 10.40 2000-01 2.07 2001-02 1.87 2002-03 7.82 Kurian and his team decided to launch the fifth anniversary of Tanishq offering discounts to customers and induce them to come to the store. The ploy worked. "We've had customers waiting for the store to open. Sometimes we had to call the security guards because of the crowd. We just could not believe it," smiles Kurian. There were also other minor adjustments made. Advertising campaigns now began to make a list of products Tanishq had. And bracelets, rings, chains, pendants explicitly mentioned in every ad. a range that starts at Rs 399. He started The goal was to bring down the price significantly…show more content…
Aria, seven diamond jewelry stone scandal centered on rings and diamond studded Collection-G for gold jewelry retail price with an interesting twist are only a few lines that have left the barn Tanishq in the last three years . Manufacturing has become more flexible. The new machines have been introduced Japanese manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu company. The emphasis is now on customization according to customer requirements. The challenges remain. profit figures have yet to increase significantly. In 2002-03, on revenue of Rs 389 crore (Rs 3.89 billion), Tanishq earned a profit of 7.82 billion rupees only Rs (Rs 78.2 million). A number of national brands have emerged. Of Nakshatra carbon TBZ, Tanishq have to fight much more on the market. However, Kurian says that now is a good time to be in business. "We jewelry business is one of the few 'of China, Wal Mart proof proof' these businesses,"…show more content…
Company aims to expand this into a chain of 10 stores with an initial investment of US $ 6-7 million inhabitants. Tanishq has focused on the largest jewelry market in the world, either through franchised outlets or individually owned. Today, the jewelry market US has a value of about $ 16 billion. The jewelry manufacturer India plans to launch its pilot store retail in Chicago, USA, in July jewels. The store is 2000 square feet proposed as installation, where the jewelry 18K gold and diamond studded jewelry sell. The designs in the store are inspired and thematic basis of the lifestyle of modern American women, with concepts like rain, yoga, while Native American influences - as a local tree in New York have also inspired jewelry collections. Price points for the jewels have been determined between $ 400- $ 12,000. Tanishq would inch their way to open a second store in the next three to four months in New

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