Never Getting Along Short Story

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Chapter one—Never Getting Along On a cool Friday morning, I was waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come up the mountain, frozen like a statue made out of iron, no movement at all. I squeeze my jacket a little more as a cool breeze came. All in a sudden, the school bus arrived at the bus stop in a huge hurry. As I slowly opened the door, a huge group of fog blustered to my face. On the car, Mr. Bason /Mr. B (I call him Mr. B because Mr. B=Mr. Bean, which mean craziness) silently flashed at me as I walk down in to the “seat-choosing place”. There are two lines of seat. Each row of seats has four seats in total. In the middle, a straight walk way appeared to be splitting the four seats in half. I went to…show more content…
I didn’t expect everyone to be happy, it’s just that there’s something wrong with every bodies’ mood that I don’t know why. There is also something wrong with mine that I couldn’t stop thinking why John treats me like a king to a servant. The whole point is that he always gave me a cold, icy face/voice while the others got his voice like a warm breeze after spring. It might not seem to be a huge difference to you but it is that way to me. I would be transferring to the high school John is this September so that I won’t want a mentor that hates me all the time. It’ll feel awkward when you go in to another school and there is always a person that hates you blaming you all the time, and if that happens, it would be hard to make friends. After school, I went on the “Afternoon Bus” which is also rid by Mr. B. After eons of waiting, Mr. became so angry that he shouts out loud with his strong, garish voice “This Miss Big is always so late, next time I’ll call her mom to get her home.” Mr. B started smoking after shouting out loud. Soon, Hally came walking slowly to the bus with red, watery eyes and red cheeks. There are even white strips on her face made out of her
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