Why Is Charter School Better Than Public Schools

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Charter Schools Versus Public Schools There are many children around the world that attend both charter schools and public schools. A charter school is an independently run public school that is granted greater flexibility in its operations, in return for greater accountability for performance. A public school is a school available to anyone through public funds. People state that charter schools are more convenient, effective, and educational than public schools. They state that these schools have much more flexible time and dedication to teach, and in doing so, should give students a better output than public schools. However, many public schools deliver the same amount of education and potential than a lot of charter schools. They have curriculums that give students equal educational purposes and the same output as many charter schools. Some public schools deliver even greater amounts of education and potential than charter schools. Public schools give the same or even better amount of education, accept all students, and Charter schools do serve students better than public schools. Charter schools do not give better output or performance than public schools. Charter schools are known to have private and independent studies with their students and are believed to have greater achievement than public schools. However, in many cases, charter…show more content…
“Charter schools present students and parents with an increasingly diverse array of education options” (Education Commision of the States). Parents can choose which charter school is right for their child. Another benefit is that charter schools have smaller class sizes. “There is more opportunity for learning in a smaller class than just for keeping order” (wingscharterschool). Compared to 40 children in a public school, charter schools have less than 20. This helps teachers focus on more

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