Carson's Argument Against The Public Education System

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Thesis/Outline Hartsel C. Shirley The differences between public and private school have been overstated or understated in favor of one or the other. The mystery between the two has been shrouded in classism, elitism, and politics for numerous years. Why does the debate between public and private education continue? Private school advocates’ strongest argument against public school are their claims that it is unconstitutional to have “public education of citizens” because it “exceeds the authorized scope and delimited authority and reach of the United States government”. In his article, “Argument Against Public Education, Which is, In Fact, Government Indoctrination”, Vic Biorseth submits that “the term public education is…show more content…
In his article, “How To (Inadvertently) Argue Against the Public Education System, he traces the history of public education. According to Carson, public schools originated in the 19th century. He compared the schools to being “human resource factories” that would provide “functionaries smart enough to perform their assigned tasks, but not smart enough to critically analyze the system or their roles in it”. Public school supports’ most common view is that education is better when provided for all. The all, in this case, is the poor, the disabled, those with mental challenges, the rich, those of all ethnicities, and all other children. The website published an article titled “Top 10 Reasons to Support Public Education. The tenth reason listed is that they say it is “the cornerstone of democracy” and further says that the nation’s well-being is dependent upon decisions made by informed and educated citizens. This reasoning coincides with the 1954 Supreme Court Case, Brown vs. Board of Education” where Chief Justice Earl Warren stated that “education is a right which must be available to all on equal terms”, followed by Justice Thurgood Marshall saying education is “the right of every American to start an equal start in

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