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Project Management (CES-1) Submitted By: Mudita Sadana(092) Navtesh Malik(098) BBA VI “A” Brooklyn Bridge History Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States. The bridge started constructing in 1869 and took 14 years complete in 1883. The bridge was constructed to connect boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River having the total length of 5,989 ft, width of 85 ft and the height of 276.5 ft. John Roebling an immigrant from Germany was a prominent bridge builder in the United States; he began spanning the East River between New York and Brooklyn as early as 1857with a design having enormous towers holding bridge cables. Due to…show more content…
Life in the caisson was miserable. Laborers had to work in bad conditions without electricity, telephones and other conveniences. It caused fire, explosions and caisson diseases, which took the lives of 20 men. Challenges in the project Bridging the gap between the two cities was always an idea but was thought to be impossible because of the width of the waterway and the East River is prone to turbulence and tidal conditions due to its salt water. East River was also one of the busiest waterways on earth complicating the project even more, as it had hundreds of crafts of all sizes sailing on it any time. Hence, a very high suspension bridge was the only practical solution. The bridge would have to be the largest bridge ever built. Working in the caisson was also a task which included risk of a lot of lives, more than 2500 men were involved in the work of caissons, and 100 men would want to quit per week. Cables used to brake frequently and the workers used to be affected. The projects estimated completion time was suppose to be 5 years which initially ended in 14 years due to certain delays like: • Accidents • Financial

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