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By health equity we mean that everyone has right to spend a healthy life beyond any discrimination of class ethnicity and race. The purpose of measuring equity in provision of health services is necessity of any state. It is observed that under developed countries poor states or provinces are unable to achieve the said target of health equity so the people of those state and provinces suffer with unhealthy life style, which ultimately affects their HDI and impact negatively on the long term economic growth of the state. Question is why we need health equity and why is it so important for any government? There are lots of economic and social disadvantages due to health disparities. For example, due to low purchasing power for goods and services, there is less or no access to the health facilities. More over political or social constraints like radicalism, political constraints one can not avail of the best quality of health services. Such members of society need social security nets, provision of quality health services through public health care centers without any discrimination of economic resources, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and disability. It’s therefore the foremost duty of the government to provide best quality health services to the people near to their residential areas. To improve health status of public, to distribute health services equally beyond any discrimination regardless of political motives it is necessary to provide equal health opportunities to each citizen. Pakistan is among middle income countries…show more content…
Socioeconomic and regional disparities Malik and Ashraf (2016) has narrated that socioeconomic and regional disparities are increasing along with poor maternal and child health. According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO) half of total births in Pakistan are not attended by the doctors and skilled medical staff. The neonatal mortality ratio in Pakistan is 0.042% among children which is very high as compare to rest of the

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