Factory Farming In America Essay

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Factory Farms are Ruining America America’s citizens are unhealthier, have higher percentages of obesity, and many citizens are being diagnosed with cancer, but most do not realize factory farms play a huge role in this issue. Factory farming is efficient and very cheap, but most of America’s citizens do not understand what happens behind closed doors at these farms. Unfortunately it may be nearly impossible for some of America’s citizens to change their eating habits. Citizens of America will only gain more health issues, and shorten their lifespan if eating habits are not changed. Acquiring processed foods is much easier than organic foods; for example, McDonald’s. Factory Farms are only growing bigger by the hour, and we the people of America are not…show more content…
The convenience of processed foods play a huge role; for example, Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s charge one dollar for a very unhealthy yet satisfying hamburger. Most consumers will choose this option rather than going to an organic store and cooking their own meals every day. Organic meats are also very expensive compared to processed meats; therefore, a good percentage of Americans are left with no choice but to choose the cheaper alternative. Being a Vegetarian is a great route to avoid all processed meats, but is a very hard choice for many Americans. According to Singer and Mason, “Even if it is ethically acceptable to eat animals who have been well cared for during their lifetime and then killed without any pain or distress, for those unable to raise their own animals, it is difficult to be sure the meat you buy comes from such animals” (785). Most Americans live in suburban areas, and do not have the land to raise domestic animals unlike some families. America’s transition to organic meats in today’s society would be very rough, but

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