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Review of Related Literature and Studies In this research, it gathers important information of literature and studies from different sources and eminent writers. All the facts compiled by this study are verified by the researcher. Related Literature Many Illegal Drugs such as Shabu, cocaine, and marijuana are the most popular drugs that have been used by drug addicts for thousands of years and there is a War on Drugs program that was launched by President Nixon. War on Drugs is a program that was applied to eradicate drugs. This term was used to refer the sweats of the United States government just to fight against drugs. According to Dr. Christopher Kent in America, war on drugs is directed at the wrong enemy. Since it is obvious that stiff mandatory sentences, banning, and other dynamic enforcement about drug laws has failed. In the Philippines, since Rodrigo Roa “Digong” Duterte was elected as a President, Duterte implemented this program to help minimize or eradicate drugs. Information gathered by the study of Mark R. Thompson, the presidency of Rodrigo R. Duterte has “stuck to his guns” carrying out to launch a vicious anti-drug campaign. Duterte’s term was headed of the political stability and high growth by six years under moderately liberal and supposedly reformist administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” S.…show more content…
A high degree of drug personae’s only exposes the weakness of the national in a developing country. Vellinga (2005) remarked so that in the events when social organizations decayed and when government cannot institute limitations to individual behaviour, illicit drugs activities concerning to drugs trade rather than poverty, as what Vellinga have

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