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Sustainable development: Sustainable development is not a new concept. The concept of sustainable development received its first major international recognition in 1972 at the UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm. The term was popularised 15 years later in Our Common Future, the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, which included what is deemed the 'classic' definition of sustainable development: "development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". More recently, the World Summit on Sustainable Development was held in Johannesburg in 2002, attended by 191 national governments, UN agencies, multilateral financial institutions and other major groups. Often we look for development without considering our future perspective. The longer period we look forward with unsustainable development the more severe consequences are certain to happen to us. That is why sustainable development has become an important issue of this century. Sustainable development is about doing things by better ways not to change the goal of doing something for development. Traditional knowledge which is of thousands or…show more content…
In many fields of our lives we have seen traditional knowledge like food and nutrition, health, agriculture and fisheries, handicrafts, religion, astrology, handicrafts etc. Traditional knowledge can be considered as a basis for local-level decision making in agriculture, health care, food preparation, education, natural-resource management, and a host of other activities in communities. Traditional knowledge is important for the people of the developing countries. This knowledge can help in achieving social and developmental status of a country in the fields like sustainable agriculture, health and hygiene of the people, nutrition and food, and conservation of

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