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Are you in search of a suitable family tent? A tent is a basic need of very home. It is a shelter which consists of sheets of fabric attached to a frame of poles or ropes. Tents were used as portable homes by nomadic people and now they are used for recreational camping and temporary shelters. Tents are used for different purposes such as traditional, military, recreational, emergency and protest movements. Family tents are often bigger in size. A high-quality family tent provides us with all the comfort and space that we need to make our camping experience fun, secure, and cozy. There are a lot of tents to choose from a variety of top rated family tents from different brands. Tents are made up of different material and perform different…show more content…
Convertible - They have hybrid design features like a pole, vestibule, and rainfly options so that we can adapt the tent to the different type of weather conditions. 3. Mountaineering - A Mountaineering tent is a winter tent, and it’s built from tough fabrics, has sturdy pole structures. 4. Tarp - If we want the lightest tent possible, then we need a tarp tent. Some of the most common features of a top ranked family tent are that they are:-freestanding, Non-Freestanding, One Door Tents, Two Door Tents, Fiberglass Poles, Aluminum Poles, Carbon Fiber Poles, Sleeve pole connection, clip connection and double wall construction. So considering all the features we should definitely want to find a tent that is lightweight, but still provides all the features and size elements that we need. BEST FAMILY TENT…show more content…
SIZE- Size is a major factor because different households have varying requirements of capacity and size. Tents can be two men, four men, six men and so on. Large family tents are also available in the market so it is required to choose a perfect size according to the need. 2. SHAPE - Tents come in different shapes such as frame, umbrella, geodesic or “dome”, and a wall. The umbrella shape is a very commonly used family camping tent, as it has lots of standing room, with large windows and a rain fly over the top. Tents with square floor shapes are more efficient. So the shape is another basic factor to be considered. 3. POLES - Poles are either made from aluminum or from fiberglass. Poles are linked together with an elastic shock cord which helps for setting up the tent. Poles can bend or break so tents with emergency repairs links are mostly preferred. 4. ENTRANCE OF THE TENT - It is very important to check the entrance of the tent to have a look on how a person enters or exit a tent. Even tents with large openings should be avoided because they do not provide support during the rainy

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