Machismo And Feminism In A Room Of One's Own

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1. INTRODUCTION The main argument of the essay will be machismo with the objective to show how sexist society is and if so to try to make people aware of the problem in order to change the mentality of our society because although maybe not so intense this mentality continues existing today. The film takes place in North Minnesota, in the United States, during the 20th Century. The essay will deal with two main points; machismo itself and then how women react against society and sexual abuse, above all the protagonist, in order to be respected by the society, in other words feminism. 2. BODY This is a 2005 American drama movie which shows the role that women played after the WWII in North Minnesota and which is inspired by a true story. The…show more content…
CONCLUSION To sum up, as you can see in the film North Country the two most important topics are machismo and feminism which are interrelated and the most important theme sexual harassment. However, we can also see how finally women decide to confront to men in order to gain respect and fight for equality. In my opinion although society has evolved, machismo is a theme that will always remain because it is always present in all kinds of society in a way or another. With this essay I try to make people aware of how women feel being inferior and try to change the mentality in that way. BIBLIOGRAPHY Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own (UK: Penguin, 2002), 7-8. Mustafa Kara, “A third world feminist approach to femaleness as inferior to maleness in dorsis lessing’s The grass is singing and Tsitsi dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions” (PhD diss., Middle East technical University, 2014) Miriam Viviana, “Machismo: A culturally constructed concept” (PhD diss., California State University,

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