Domestic Violence: Common Barriers Of Physical Abuse

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Domestic violence or abuse has been around since 1970, but has just recently been considered a violation of the law. It is between any man and woman who are married or dating. Domestic violence ruins lives, breaks up families and has a lasting impact. It can happen to anyone but the problem is often overlooked, excused or denied. Physical abuse is the use of physical force against an individual in a way that can hurt or endangers them. Sexual abuse is a type of physical abuse. Unwanted, unsafe or degrading sexual activity is sexual abuse. Emotional abuse is a bigger problem than people think, just because girls aren’t getting abused ;Emotional abuse is no less destructive, but is often minimized or overlooked. The aim of emotional abuse is…show more content…
Children, they threatened to kill kids or loved ones if the abused individual tries to leave. Fear, being scared of retaliation, being killed, or loved ones being hurt. Physical harm, if the abused is trying to leave or after they try to call the cops. Threats that the abusive person might commit suicide or hurt their partner or kids. Economic necessity, the abuser may try to control finances or try to be the sole source of finances for the family. Lack of resources or information, available resources such as lack of transportation. Shelters are full and they have no safe place to go. Hope that their partner will change. Failure of the criminal justice system has very low prosecution rate. Racism and homophobia- results in fear of turning to resources like the police or courts. Culture to stay together. Shame is the belief that abuse is their fault. Immigration with the fear of deportation without partner’s support (Barren 2015). Social forces also play a pivotal role in shaping an abuser’s values attiutdes. Gender role identity- “appropriate masculine behavior”, family- decision making, media portrayls of women as objects. Peer group-social pressure to conform to limited def., in sports they are aggressive, and competitive. Impunity which is blaming behavior on alcohol use.(Barren

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