Rose's Purgatory: A Short Story

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Rose would have visions, visitations, and revelations from God. Her family had disapproved of her way of life, but she declared to God that all this pain and suffering that she is doing to herself is to give to him because of the crimes of her country. The crime of idolatry, of sinners, and all the souls in Purgatory, by this she shows her care for her nation and the life after. It is not uncommon to see saints inflecting pain on them for the grace of God, but others frowned upon it. Rose’s family moved to Quive in 1597, because Gaspar was offered a promotion in supervising the mines in which we accepted. This is when not only were they moving, but the discovery by her mother the harsh punishments Rose afflicted on herself. Rose’s mother was devastated when she discovered her bed and was ashamed that she did not ask her approval. The moving to Quive did carry sadness upon Rose for her love of her home church, confessor, and she lost her beloved garden. She was not allowed her typical times of prayer because it was dangerous to be alone in the dark outside because of the Mita Indians who were stubborn. They later moved back to Lima when her father could return in his old post.…show more content…
There was honey in their jar and Rose’s little brother discovered that the honey was inedible. When Rose went to check, she brought it to her little brother and her little sister, with their amazement, in the hands of Rose was a full jar of honey that looked fresh. Another was when roses would grow when it was out of the flower’s season in the garden. Rose’s mother began to become frustrated with the amount of roses blooming and lessened Rose’s time in the gardens. This caused Rose great pain even though she obeyed her parent’s wish, but she would often lie beneath the

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