Stolen Smiles: A Summary Report

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After experiencing something as traumatic as human trafficking, it is no wonder that the victims often have a number of psychological, physical, medical problems to deal with in the aftermath. Social workers have to help the victims with not just these problems, but also a number of other ones, including ones involving the law, among other things. When people who were trafficked are rescued, they often have a good deal of physical damage that needs repair, whether it is from assault or is caused by sexual acts. Victims of trafficking usually experience exploitation, abuse, poor health and poverty before to being trafficked, and most of the time these conditions only get worse during their time as victims. Each stage of the trafficking process…show more content…
Cuts, broken bones, bruises, internal bleeding, malnourishment, torn skin in the genital area, infections, etc. only just scratch the surface of physical problems that they might have. Those that are victims of sex trafficking can have a number of sexually transmitted diseases or can even by pregnant. According to a study on the aftermath or human trafficking called Stolen Smiles: a Summary Report (2006), symptoms of psychological trauma include PTSD, anxiety, disorientation, alienation, and depression. Suicidal thoughts, memory and cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, and withdrawing from society are also common among the victims (Zimmerman, 2006, p. 15-20). Social workers have to help the victims through the physical and mental problems that they face, but they also have to advocate for them in a number of way. Victims are often stigmatized by their communities due to things like religious…show more content…
Even within just one field, like human trafficking, there are a lot of different roles that a social worker could fulfill. A person could be a case manager who works one-on-one with the victims to asses and plan how they can move on with their lives after a trafficking experience. Administrators can supervise a number of caseworkers, counselors, or therapists that might work under them, as well as any other management jobs that need to get done. Counselors and therapists help the victims by helping them to overcome their traumatic experience listening and giving them advice. Group therapists work in an environment where victims can meet each other and share similar experiences so that they don’t feel as

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